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Geode Mega Playground Rope Climber



Geode — A hollow, usually spheroidal rock with crystals lining the inside wall.

With a combination of rounded and linear structural beams and a complex inner structure of play ropes, a Geode takes children far from their everyday play experience, stretching and learning as they go.


  • Available in Mini and Mega sizes, Geodes fit park, school or childcare settings.

  • Geodes can be attached to PlaySteel and Orbis play structures.

  • High-strength, steel-reinforced Geode play ropes are German-engineered for maximum strength and an optimal grip.

  • Play on Geodes is responsive and ever-changing. The movement and reactivity of rope play provides children with a play experience unlike any other.

  • Geodes develop core strength and balance while improving climbing skills and co-ordination.

  • Geodes are not just climbers. Children use play ropes in more ways than you can imagine—climbing is just the beginning.


Age: 5 to 12
Kid Capacity: 24
Use Zone: 27′ x 27′ (8.2m x 8.2m)
Height: 11′-6″ (3.5m)


Assembly required. Additional color options may be available. Please see our Color Options page for more information and contact our sales team if you would like to discuss other color options. Children should always be supervised when using play equipment.


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Independent Climbers

Kids love the challenge and thrill of climbing all over and our playground climbers allow children to climb up, down and all around and even over or under.

Our climbers provide challenging and fun opportunities for children to learn new skills while having a blast. We have playground climber for children of all ages and abilities.

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