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Park Furnishings

Color Options

Color Choices

At Vista Furnishings we provide you with a variety of color and finish options. Choose from super-durable high-gloss powder coat paints, wrinkle finish paints that are great at hiding blemishes and two-tone textured paints that have a very high-end finish.

Gloss Burgundy, Gloss Red, Gloss Green, Gloss Teal, Gloss Blue, Gloss Tan,

Gold/Black Texture, Gloss Silver, Silver/Black Texture, Gloss Black

Gloss Burgundy
Gloss Red
Gloss Green
Gloss Teal
Gloss Blue
Gloss Tan
Gold Black Texture
Gloss Silver
Silver Black Texture
Gloss Black

Wood & Recycled Plastic Choices

Choose from four aesthetically pleasing recycled plastic materials with real wood grain texture. Red Batu hardwood provides an extremely durable wood that offers an unparalleled high-end look. We also offer cedar and pressure-treated wood options.

Brown Recycled Plastic, Cedar Recycled Plastic, Grey Recycled Plastic,

Tan Recycled Plastic, Red Batu Hardwood, Cedar Wood, Pressure Treated Wood

Brown Recycled Plastic
Cedar Recycled Plastic
Grey Recycled Plastic
Tan Recycled Plastic
Red Batu Hardwood
Cedar Wood
Pressure Treated Wood
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