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Piano Sound Panel


Play a tune and learn music on this interactive musical touch sensitive Piano panel. Touching the stainless metal pads produces a musical note. Battery operated. Easy to maintain.


Piano Sound Panel is a mechanical assembly of panel brackets and panel and electronic game assembly. Panel brackets are a welded assembly of 0.1875� x 1.75� (5mm x 44mm) zinc-plated hot-rolled mild flat steel. Panel brackets are powder-coat painted. Panel is 0.75� (19mm) bi-colour sheet polyethylene. Electronic panels run on 6xD-Cell batteries, are 4.5v power and are manufactured for outdoor use. Panels run on touch sensors.

Age Range:

2 to 5 Years and 5 to 12 Years

Deck Height: 

Attaches to decks, freestanding or can be made wheelchair accessible at ground level.

Playground Equipment

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