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PlayTots Playground Structure - Model PT20004



Perfect for 

  • Parks & Recreation

  • Private and Public Schools

  • Preschool and Day Cares

  • Resorts & Campgrounds

  • Religious Organizations

  • Housing Authorities

  • Service Clubs

  • Residential Backyards


Play Event Component List:

  • 1 PT Bubble Panel

  • 1 PT Sun Panel

  • 1 PT Wavy Mirror Panel

  • 1 PT Magnifying Panel

  • 2 PT Junior Entrance Panel

  • 1 PT Crawl Tunnel

  • 2 PT Single Deck Channel Base

  • 1 PT Peaked Roof


Best User Age: 2-5 years

Child Capacity: 13




Area Required - 20′ x 16′ (6.1 x 4.9m), excluding CSA no-encroachment zones

Use Zone sq²/m² - 275sq²/25.5m²

Use Zone Perimeter - 62′ (160′ (18.3m)

Fall Height - 0.5ft (0.15m) ASTM | 4ft (1.22m) CSA

Standards - CSA Z614, ASTM F1487, CPSC PUB.325


Assembly required. Children should always be supervised when using play equipment.  


Playground Equipment

Play Houses

Imaginative play allows children to express themselves, fosters cognitive and social development and helps develop problem solving skills. Children of all ages love to pretend and to play house! 

Scaled perfectly for the children ages 2-5, our playhouses offer opportunities for children to explore, discover and interact with manipulative and imaginative play activities that can create hours of outdoor fun.

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