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Standard 2 Bay 8ft Playground Swing Set


SW300 8ft Standard Swing + SW301 + 2-SS043 slash-proof belt seats + 2-SS042 slash-proof baby seats.

Use Zone: 39′-8″ x 34′-4″ (12.1m x 10.4m) CSA
Use Zone: 31′-8″ x 42′-8″ (9.7m x 13.0m) ASTM


Model # SW300 


Assembly required. Children should always be supervised when using play equipment.


Playground Equipment

The Benefit of Swings

Swings keep children physically active while having a great time. The turn-taking, cooperation, sharing and problem solving that happen naturally at the swing set are important lifelong skills. And so are the lessons in friendship learned while friends (literally) hang out together at the swings.

We offer traditional tripod-style swings and modern arch swings in heavy duty and standard grades, 8′ and 10′ heights, and with any number of bays or half-bays, thanks to our Extend-A-Bay™ and Extend-A-Half-Bay™ options. We also offer commercial tire swings, single post swings and t-frame swings, for something a little different in your playground.

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