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Stimulate Your Child's Inner Paleontologist with Our Dino Digs and Dino Climbers

Make no bones about it – most kids love dinosaurs. And playgrounds. And sand.

Which is what makes our line of Dino Digs and Dino Climbers so awesome.

Our Dino Digs and Dino Climbers are a unique and fun addition to any playground. Each piece is museum quality and scientifically accurate, cast from actual dinosaur bones found and displayed throughout the world. We offer a selection of different dinosaur specimens so you can find the right one to fit your play area.

The Dino Digs let children excavate their very own dinosaur skeleton and make important fossil discoveries in their own playground. The Dino Climbers lets children touch and climb all over dinosaur bones to their heart’s content. Dino Digs and Climbers offer children a unique opportunity to learn through tactile play, all without having to make a trip to a museum.

When you get one of our Dino Digs or Dino Climbers, you also have the option to get a durable outdoor plaque to act as an educational guide which identifies the individual bones and maps their location for kids to help mini paleontologists and archeologists search for specific bones. The plaques also provide the history and discovery location of each particular skeleton.

Our Dino Digs and Climbers were created by Exploration Playgrounds, a company which uses the tagline that “not every town has a museum, but every town has a playground” and which operates under the belief in making education fun and creating memorable and unique experiences for the whole family.

Exploration Playgrounds was created by Research Casting International (RCI), a company whose expertise in natural history museums is world-renowned. RCI is one of the world’s leading providers of specimen preparation, casting and mounting. They have prepared dinosaurs for display all over the world. RCI created Exploration Playgrounds when the idea struck to apply their expertise in molding and casting to creating unique, fun, safe and educational playgrounds that are easily accessible to children.

Research indicates that play is essential to a child’s development. Play allows children to exercise their creativity while developing their imaginations and dexterity and strengthen their physical, emotional, social and cognitive abilities. Through play, children develop new competencies that lead to increased confidence and resiliency needed to face future challenges.

Many kids love dinosaurs, but how many of them get the opportunity to actually see, and even better, physically interact with, life-sized dinosaur skeletons? Our Dino Digs and Climbers offer a fresh alternative for learning that gets kids up and moving so that they can develop healthy bodies while they feed their minds.

Kids will have so much fun playing on our Dino Digs and Climbers that they won’t even realize that they are learning too.

It’s not only fun for kids, either. Parents, teachers and caregivers will have a great time as well interacting with children while they play and learn on our Dino Digs and Dino Climbers.

You don’t need to worry about safety concerns because all of our Dino Digs and Climbers are designed to comply with CSA and ASTM playground standards. Our Dinosaur Digs are built tough to withstand any climate or weather conditions. They are cast in a durable fiberglass reinforced concrete and color is embedded into the cast to ensure that they will never fade or break down.

Built to last throughout years of play and education, the value of our Dino Digs and Climbers will never go extinct.

Check out our selection of Dino Digs and Dino Climbers here.

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